Restaurant with sea view: Club Family Hotel Riccione

Restaurant with buffet service and Front Cooking

Enjoy our restaurant with an open view on the sea, thanks to our rich buffet you can taste everyday hot and cold appetizers, tasty first dishes of meat, fish and vegetables, meat and fish specialities and very delicate desserts, ice-cream and fruit and with our suggestive Front Cooking you can have delicious dishes prepared right in front of your eyes.

Our cuisine with dishes of Romagna and worldwide is looked after from our Chefs and it can sadisfy even the most demanding tastes, every week you can attend culinary events inspired by the tradition of Romagna and also krapfen parties, chocolate fountains and much more.

Kids are our special guests: for them a rich buffet of hot dogs, chicken croquettes, fries, breaded cutlet and more and for the smaller ones our Chefs prepare everyday specific and fresh broth perfect for weaning.

Take advantage of our exclusive service Dine Around and try all the restaurants of our Club Family Hotels; have lunch and/or dinner in one of our Club Family Hotels in Milano Marittima, Pinarella di Cervia, Cesenatico and Riccione.

Each lunch and dinner, our chefs will delight your palate with a first course, a second course accompanied by a tantalizing side dish and you will have the chance to assist with their preparation, thanks to the Front Cooking, a window on the chef’s work … Result? A fascinating show, zero waiting and more time to sit down at the table with your loved ones.

For us, the time you spend together is important, so we do everything to make your dining experience as simple and pleasant as possible: in the dining room you will find buffets dedicated to children, meat, fish and vegetables always in season, all kinds of cooking at your disposal at Front Cooking and your holiday in Romagna takes on another flavor!

NEW 2022

The most famous dish of Italian cuisine could not be missing from the table of the first family hotel in Italy: friends at Club Family Hotel Riccione, Pizza has officially arrived. Every day our pizza chef will offer you all kinds of pizzas, from the one and only margherita to the most varied types of toppings, to satisfy the tastes of young and old…are you ready to try a slice?

Sammontana Ice Cream 24/7

Stracciatella, chocolate, pistachio, strawberry… everyone has their own favourite flavour but all of us, young and old, share a common passion: ICE CREAM… some people love to enjoy it at the end of a delicious lunch, others as a tasty snack and others at the end of a long day before watching the show of our entertainment team; in order to satisfy everyone, we have decided to create a special corner where you will find the classic “ice cream cart” with all the tastiest flavours from morning to night.

Get ready for an extra dose of delicious freshness, strictly branded