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Many of the services offered at the Beach Village

  • For children, a wide creative area dedicated to workshops, sports tournaments and games
  • Video-games area
  • Kids club with professional entertainers
  • The official mascot of the park plays with the little guests and involves them in fun adventures with exclusive prizes and gadgets
  • For adults: group dancing, water gym lessons, sports tournaments, aqua dance and swimming lessons
  • Bikini Bar for a moment of rest
  • "Toboga – Piscina Family" with its height of 10 m., this slide offers 2 slow path exits, perfect for families and children up to 12 years of age.
  • "Toboga kamikaze" with a height of 12 m., this water slide is designed for children, offers a double opportunity: 1 exit with slow path and 1 “kamikaze” exit with fast path.

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