Dine around

Only in our Club Family Hotel® you chose 1 and taste 9

Enjoy the gastronomic variety offered by our Family Club Hotel: choose where to have lunch or dinner in one of the hotels in Milano Marittima, Riccione, Cervia or Cesenatico on a culinary journey through places, scents and flavors.

Club Family Hotel Milano Marittima: visit the trendiest location of the Romagna Riviera, with its trendy shops for your fashion shopping and the trendiest venues, and stop for a refreshing break in one of the two Front Cooking Family Hotel buffet restaurants, “Non solo Pizza” with pizza and flat bread baked made fresh, or “Mare e Terra” with its grilled meat and fish.

Club Family Aparthotel Costa dei Pini in Cervia: At the “Lo Scoglio” restaurant every day you can enjoy a delicious and fragrant pizza by the meter or grilled meat and fish of the “Brasserie”; take the opportunity to visit the renowned Museum of Salt in Cervia, the Butterfly House, or to make a nice excursion in the pine forest of Pinarella di Cervia.

Club Family Hotel Executive and Club Family Hotel Serenissima in Cesenatico: famous for its beautiful Canal Port designed by Leonardo da Vinci,  Cesenatico is all to be discovered through its Maritime Museum and the historic downtown with the Piazzetta delle Antiche Conserve; the Family Hotels Restaurants weekly offer a gastronomic specialty evening inspired by local tradition with theme nights such as the Bombolone Party and much more.