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  • Nutella -  How can you resist a slice of bread and Nutella?! We certainly can’t, and what about you and your children? For breakfast, during a break, and for any mouth-watering snack, there will NEVER be a shortage of the world's most famous hazelnut spread at CFH Riccione!
  • Fileni - white meat coming only from bio-sustainable farms, to satisfy the taste of children and also protect their future.
  • Plasmon - weaning is important, the first baby food and pasta are never forgotten, that's why we rely on the leading company in baby food.
  • Negroni - world-famous Italian brand that has literally sliced goodness 100% made in Italy. The thin slices of Gran Cotto, made by slow steaming, are full of flavour and look great between two slices of bread🥪.
  • Orogel - guaranteeing product variety and at the same time quality was possible for us thanks to frozen and fresh vegetables from sustainable farming.
  • Aia food - and its famous chicken and turkey sausages, Woody, which makes our hot dogs 🌭 even better.
  • San Marzano La Regina - from the land of tomatoes 🍅we can expect only excellence and we could only choose it to enhance our sauces.
  • 3 Marie - in the morning, when you are embraced by the smell of warm croissants, you will discover why we chose the Milanese confectionery company par excellence.
  • Conor - sustainable fresh vegetables and controlled supply chain are the guarantees that led us to choose this company to enrich 🥗 our menus every day.
  • Pieri Group - cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising products to guarantee absolute hygiene in every environment, even more so in these times when cleanliness has become essential even on holiday.
  • Coca Cola - definitely a brand that needs no introduction, known and loved by entire generations.
  • Pepsi - in all its forms, twist, light or max, its bubbles really know how to satisfy every thirst.
  • Lipton - in summer, a glass of iced tea with lemon and ice really satisfies and refreshes, but why not try it hot with biscuits in the morning for breakfast?
  • Forst - from skilful brewers' hands, in the beautiful mountains of South Tyrol, comes this certified quality beer, to give your moments of relaxation a truly unique taste and finally toast to summer!🍻
  • Schweppes - the many variations of the world's most famous tonic water, made even more unique by our bartenders, will let you discover an incredible variety of flavours.
  • Nesquik - could we not give the best for a super chocolaty breakfast or snack?! 😉
  • Nestlè -  there are so many ways to make a breakfast richer and more colourful and with a brand like this you can be sure of that.
  • Sammontana - the Italian-style ice-cream 🍦, to make children happy and give mum and dad the certainty of a quality product.
  • Galak - with bread, with a hot croissant, on its own ... Italy's favourite white chocolate makes every breakfast in Club Family Hotels even more unique and special!
  • PS5 - for the older kids we thought about the next-gen console 🕹️ they love, but we think that also for a family challenge it is really an excellence.
  • Asmodee Italia - when the game really comes from fantasy. Thanks to this publishing house, which has given shape to the dreams of childhood by creating and distributing board and role-playing games such as Dooble, Dixit, Ticket to Ride, Mysterium, Exploding Kittens, you can turn a cloudy day into a colourful family adventure!
  • Adventerra - saving the planet through fun and games? Thanks to this company that has combined play, education and the environment into fun, educational and eco-friendly board games, your children will learn a lot through play. Or play a lot while learning! Do you feel like playing or learning?
  • De Cecco - the certainty of having pasta that is always al dente and that can enhance the flavours of our sauces, for dishes that are always TOP.
  • Amadori - eggs 🍳, fresh white meat and packaged products with the guarantee of a controlled supply chain: only the best of agri-food companies for our guests.
  • Nanny School - not simple babysitters, the Grandi Tate are prepared and reliable professionals to whom you can entrust your children to enjoy a carefree time 💞.

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