Playstation 5

Yes, in the fantastic world of Club Family Hotel, comes the most popular console for kids all over the world: Playstation 5!

We have created a dedicated game corner just for your older kids, where they will experience fantastic adventures in metropolitan or wild scenarios, among funny characters or eerie and mysterious super heroes, thanks to the best games for Playstation 5. Incredibly realistic graphics, fluidity of movement and speed of play that only PS5 could reach, surpassing itself, because we always want to offer you and your family the best.

Together with your kids, experience a unique challenge, as unique as your holiday at the Club Family Hotel Riccione will be!


Virtual Reality

The Club Family Hotel also likes to keep up with the times in terms of games for adults and teenagers, so, along with the PS5, the latest generation gaming console, come the virtual reality visors: discover new worlds and engage in exciting challenges with your friends and animators, for endless fun.


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for fun come together, they create
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