Good and Bio

Every day, in the kitchen of the Club Family Hotel you can breathe the scent of Good and Bio: ingredients chosen and always fresh are the protagonists of the dishes created by our chefs, in which creativity and tradition create a delicious combination. We know that you keep the authentic flavors, this is why we have chosen to insert from the summer 2019 in our restaurants a small and precious Bio Corner with 100% Bio ingredients to offer you healthy and tasty dishes even on holiday.

Each lunch and dinner, our chefs will delight your palate with a first course, a second course accompanied by a tantalizing side dish and you will have the chance to assist with their preparation, thanks to the Front Cooking, a window on the chef’s work … Result? A fascinating show, zero waiting and more time to sit down at the table with your loved ones.

For us, the time you spend together is important, so we do everything to make your dining experience as simple and pleasant as possible: in the dining room you will find buffets dedicated to children, meat, fish and vegetables always in season, all kinds of cooking at your disposal at Front Cooking and your holiday in Romagna takes on another flavor!