What wouldn’t we do to please the children and feel happy and fulfilled by their loud laughter!!!

Club Family Hotel Riccione has a swimming pool with 28°C water, which gives both babies and toddlers the opportunity to have their first experience in the pool….

The pool has always been the place to let off steam, invent new games and set challenges in the name of fun. We know it well, especially our entertainers (who we sincerely suspect have more fun than the children), and you know it too when you get excited every time you hear your children laughing and see them grow up even through a dive, an underwater flip or a swimming challenge between friends!

We couldn’t NOT give you a welcome surprise for the next summer season! So here we have thought of how to entertain the kids even better, without distracting you from your relaxing while you are lying under the sun by the pool, perhaps listening to your favourite playlist.

What are we thinking?! BABY WATERSLIDES!!!

We couldn’t resist when we saw how much fun the kids were having with the entertainers coming up with new games in the water. So we set up an area with colourful slides to enter the pool in style and with even more fun and laughter.

So you can’t wait to let your kids try out our new baby water slides, can you?

We know what you’re thinking and the answer is no, we’re sorry: the entrance is reserved exclusively for children. You’ll have to settle for swimming, sunbathing, relaxing, enjoying some time with your better half and watching your kids have even more fun!